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Welcome to Beck Grove and La Vigne Organics. We love exotic citrus fruits and herbs. What we grow is picked at its peak and is good for you, but there’s more to it than that. As dedicated caretakers of our land, we are committed to an organic, biodynamically sustainable system of farming and naturally nurturing our soil, which is what gives the superior flavor and health benefits to everything we grow. For a taste sublime, keep Beck Grove and La Vigne Organics in mind!

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We welcomed fall this year with another amazing crop of Fuyu Persimmons, so get them before they’re all gone. Another exotic fruit we grow is the Mexican Guava. Ever tried them? They are aromatic little gems loaded with nutrients, tasty pulp and edible skin. Yum! Sadly, we’ve said goodbye for another season to our Pomegranates, Yuzus and Jujubes. But you can still enjoy our Lemongrass, Bearss Limes, Kaffir Limes and the most aromatic Kaffir Lime Leaves.
Next Up: Satsumas and Passion Fruit


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