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Featured Products
Freeze-Dried Persimmons  
  A delightful snack that melts in your mouth.  
1 oz. bag  
Blood Orange Juice  
  Refreshing and delicious. 100% Organic.  
1/2 gallon. NOTE: Item is frozen. Select OVERNIGHT or 2-DAY AIR shipping ONLY! (Unless on the West coast)  
Dried, Sliced Persimmons (4 oz.)  
  A delicious Organic healthy snack.100% Organic  
4 oz  
Dried Sliced Persimmons (2.5 lb. bag)  
Blood Oranges - Sold out for the season!  
  100% Organic  
10 lb box  
Blood Oranges (5 lb box) - Sold out for the season!  




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