Our Passion & Promise

Welcome to Beck Grove and La Vigne Organics. We love exotic citrus fruits and herbs. What we grow is picked at its peak and is good for you, but there’s more to it than that. As dedicated caretakers of our land, we are committed to an organic, sustainable system of farming and naturally nurturing our soil, which is what gives the superior flavor and health benefits to all we grow.

What’s in Season

Our trees love summer! While most of our trees are beginning to blossom and set fruit for their delicious fall and winter arrival, July and August are gifting us with amazing passion fruit and juicy Bearss limes. Plus we have plenty of purslane greens and other fresh herbs — lemongrass, curry leaves, bay leaves, kaffir lime leaves and rosemary.


Let Us Inspire You!

Discover our passion — our biodynamic, organic exotic produce, herbs and gourmet condiments!